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The Harnornen are a genetic Norn breed for the Docking Station from Minisauron's Realm. They are almost exactly like the Arimeides, which are the most advanced Grendels of Minimordor.

The only differences are:

  • In their genome every reference to "Grendel" has been changed to "Norn" and vice versa.
  • The effects of saying "No" and "Yes" are now reversed.
  • Their genome did not receive the updates the Arimeides enjoyed. As a result e.g. they posess a genetic error, that leads to duplication of certain stimulus genes with increasing generations. That means that at some time more and more of their offspring will be born without brains (since it got "pushed out" by the lots and lots of stimulus genes)...
  • The males look like the Norns of Minisauron in the days of old Albia.

In Order to display them the way they looked in Minisauron's realm, you will need to have sprites for the C2 Desert Norn (Ettin Slot M), the C2 Grendel (Grendel Slot T), the C2 Boney Grendel (Grendel Slot C) and the C1 Horse Norn (Geat/Shee Slot M; e.g. from C12DS)

  • In the latest version of the Harnornen their preMelhite/Melhite-system has been altered. They have now a gene for Melhite production out of thin air (though it is very mutable)! At the same time the life prolonging character of Melhite has been extremely reduced while on the other hand preMelhite is now a much more potent immortalizer.

All Harnornens are the offspring of a pair of Arimeides GoMs, Abulurd and Beowulfine. These traitors to the Dark Lord Minisauron gave and give birth only to norns. That first early Harnornen mingled then with the Norn slaves of Mini-Núrn and took over that world of Minisauron. So no wonder they are quite hostile towards Grendels (the females at least)! Minisauron does not dare to destroy them though, because after all they are descendents of Silic the First, too... In fact he even showed some mercy and set the latest Harnornen (namely the offsprings of Har'Echidna and Har'Typhon) free from the spell of Melhite by giving them the ability to produce it by themselves!