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Their life is in your hands - so don't mess it up!

Nestled in the Hatchery are the last six eggs of nornkind... It is your job to raise them. By running the hand over them, it is possible to discern their gender, and doubleclicking them injects them into Albia. Norns born from hatchery eggs are in generation 1, and are direct descendants of Ron and Eve.

If you do run out of hatchery eggs in Creatures, the Emergency Kit can help you.

To hatch C1 original eggs in C2, get the Hatchery Expansion from The Wyvern's Lodge.

Caution: Using the Hatchery in Creatures - The Albian Years can cause the game to lag.


  • In Creatures 2 GoG edition (not tested for original Creatures 2), if an illegal egg file is put into the game's Eggs folder, upon opening the Hatchery a message would appear alerting the player to there being an illegal egg file. The hatchery would still contain eggs however, but when the user clicks Help->Advanced Options to put more eggs into the hatchery, the resulting window would be dysfunctional and would be entitled, "If U can C this, I am sh1t".