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Helen Burchmore

Helen Burchmore was a genetic engineer, researcher and writer who joined Creature Labs in 1998. With a background in biology and experience at Plymouth City Museum, Helen was well-placed to create the genomes for Creatures Village, as well as those for Creatures 3 (with Eric Goodwin) and Docking Station (with Lis Morris).

Later, Helen took on responsibility for much of the writing at Creature Labs. She researched and wrote the main body of animal agent documentation for Yeren, a prototype game developed by Creature Labs. She also created the genome and manual for the Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys and assisted in the design of Hilarity High, as well as answering questions from the Creatures Community about the biology of the games.

Subsequent to her time at Creature Labs, Helen has worked at the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (CARET) at the University of Cambridge, developing content for the Virtual Zoology, ethnicity online, MED-iDiOM and rEvolution projects. She has also contributed to Zooland, a popular Alife website. She has since spent two years working for Accelrys Ltd on the Cambridge Science Park, and is currently back at CARET, investigating innovations in higher education for the University.

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