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Alexandra aka Hellfrozeover joined the CC back in January 2004 when she was fifteen, having played Creatures games for a good five or six years prior to joining. Creatures 2 was her game of choice when she first discovered the Creatures series. Eventually she acquired the other games although C2 remains her firm favourite. Starting off on Albia2000, she was a rahter grumpy teenager but managed to make a few good friends within the community. She is part of the mod team over at A2k but isn't particularly active on there anymore as the site has fell dormant. Although she is more of a gamer than a content creator, she did make some Long Haired ChiChi sprites as she felt that every norn deserves a good hair day!

Hellfrozeover can be found in CC Chat and occasionally she will spring up elsewhere online.

Outside of the CC, HFO is employed in a boring job that funds her expensive designer and vintage clothing habit. She is happily married and enjoys going out with friends, reading, writing, painting and gaming.

Random Facts about HFO[]

  • HFO joined A2k on January 13th, 2004 to ask for help to cure her favourite C3 norn, Benji's limp.
  • HFO's favourite norn, Hobbit (previously Gizmo) was born in Creatures 2 on the 10th of March, 2001 and is still alive today although he is still only 20 hours old. He has featured in his own adventure story and medical journal!
  • HFO's favourite norn breed of all time is the Siamese Norn of C3 even although she prefers C2.
  • HFO has two separate blood groups.

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