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HoloDeck was a series of Creatures fan-fiction stories by Bean detailing the adventures of Katherine the computer whiz and her robotic sidekick, Blip, as they deal with the invention of the HoloDeck, a means of traveling from the virtual world of Albia to the real world, and vice versa. The stories were distributed as postings to - the series began on 13 Jun 1998, and the final episodes (44/45) were posted on 16 July 1999. The beginnings of the series are available at Library Albia; they are now available on the HoloDeck website (the original posts are on Google Groups search).

On August 15, 1998, Amanda Van Rhyn posted a MSTing of HoloDeck 1 chapters 1 through 11 on the newsgroup Bean apparently liked the MSTing because in later installments she put in some references to Mystery Science Theater 3000, the television show that MSTings are based off of.

Subsiduary series[]

  • A prequel to HoloDeck entitled Before the Beginning was posted on 31 August 1999
  • Unlike Holodeck 1, HoloDeck 2 was only one chapter long
  • The first part of HoloDeck 3 was posted on July 27 2001; it was never completed.
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Cast list (highly incomplete)[]

  • Katherine (or Katie) - Creatures researcher and roboticist; built the HoloDeck
  • Blip - Katherine's robot assistant and best friend
  • Susan - Katherine's best (human) friend, and the more calm and skeptical of the two girls; writes poetry; named after a character in the American soap opera Days of our Lives
  • Hailey - Katherine's computer
  • Jenna - The first norn brought to Earth via the HoloDeck
  • Jack - A norn accidentally brought to Earth; Jenna's mate
  • Karr - Jenna and Jack's only son, and first norn born on Earth; named for Karr from the Grenorn Series
  • Jack Zuckerman - Employee of Cyberlife; was first to find Katherine after she was accidentally exported and sent to CL
  • Toby Simpson - Non-fictional employee of Cyberlife; has a cameo in several early chapters
  • Jasper - Head of the Wolfpack; helped kidnap Blueberry as a means of getting revenge on Toby Simpson; named after the antagonist in 101 Dalmations
  • Ellen - A confused Ettin who emerges from the HoloDeck seeking Karr from the Grenorn series; takes frustration out on Katherine instead.
  • Kayla - Katherine's cousin; the two don't get along well
  • Milo - Katerine's other cousin; they get along very well; named after Milo from the movie Milo and Otis

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