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Iggdrasil, billed as the "Most big Creatures Site in RUNet!", is run by an all-Russian team.

    • www.iggdrasil.INFO (first url for Iggdrasil v2, unavailable)
    • (see archive before May 2003) (note: pages do not exist at the original site anymore)
    • (similarly archived)
  • Webmasters: Nina (El, Elthar, Elberet), Wicked Ann
  • Staff/Contributors: Anna (Web-Cat), Tolkien (Olga), Irina (Irka), Helga (also Olga), Don, Elf, Ettingirl
  • Motto: THEY sleep, WE work!
  • Ran from/to: December 2000 - May 2003, February 2008 - March 2009, October 2010 - ???
  • Language: Russian and English

Summary of Content[]

A huge amount of original COBs and agents.

Many Creatures 3/Docking Station breeds (mostly genetic breeds), some of which have their own extensions to the Docking Station Story:

  • Multi Norns
  • Sunny Norns
  • Wick Norns
  • Mermaid Norns
  • Rosan Norns
  • Grape Norns
  • Green Forest Norns
  • Red Rainbow Norns
  • Blue Rainbow Norns
  • Cry Norns
  • Aggressive Tribe Ettins

These are just for DS:

  • Feral Chicken Norns (Rose and Emerald editions)
  • Maline Bengal Norns
  • Golden Bengal Norns

Also contains Russian translations of Helen's Cob Creation Tutorials and large amount of general in-game information, hints and tips.

History of Website[]

Preceeded by Snow Norn of the Nina in 2000, which was reportedly shut down under pressure from Wafuru - no archives of the main site remain, but you can still reach the Snow Norn of the Nina Creatures2 FAQ Center.

Iggdrasil shut down in May 2003 - just after the collapse of Creature Labs. "For a renovation that never happened?"

This rennovation finally happened on February 9, 2008, when Iggdrasil's original author Nina opened a new version of Iggdrasil. Both sites has the same names but was adressing to Iggdrasil v2 - a redesigned version working under v2.5

Sometime during 2009 the original site copy at has been hijacked and deleted, no online copy of the old site is available as of now(through i have it stored offline - Nina). ran out of prepaid time and vent offline, its domain was bought by some scammers and offered for re-sale to its former owner for some fun prices (340 euros as of October 2010).

October 2010 - was bought (currently, for 1 year of prepaid time) and is now an only working version of the site.

Interesting Facts[]

Iggdrasil and Yggdrasil are other spellings of the World Tree Yggsdrasil.

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