Iggdrasil, billed as the "Most big Creatures Site in RUNet!", is run by an all-Russian team.

    • www.iggdrasil.INFO (first url for Iggdrasil v2, unavailable)
    • www.iggdrasil.narod.ru (see archive before May 2003) (note: pages do not exist at the original site anymore)
    • snownorn1.cjb.net (similarly archived)
  • Webmasters: Nina (El, Elthar, Elberet), Wicked Ann
  • Staff/Contributors: Anna (Web-Cat), Tolkien (Olga), Irina (Irka), Helga (also Olga), Don, Elf, Ettingirl
  • Motto: THEY sleep, WE work!
  • Ran from/to: December 2000 - May 2003, February 2008 - March 2009, October 2010 - ???
  • Language: Russian and English

Summary of Content

A huge amount of original COBs and agents.

Many Creatures 3/Docking Station breeds (mostly genetic breeds), some of which have their own extensions to the Docking Station Story:

These are just for DS:

Also contains Russian translations of Helen's Cob Creation Tutorials and large amount of general in-game information, hints and tips.

History of Website

Preceeded by Snow Norn of the Nina in 2000, which was reportedly shut down under pressure from Wafuru - no archives of the main site remain, but you can still reach the Snow Norn of the Nina Creatures2 FAQ Center.

Iggdrasil shut down in May 2003 - just after the collapse of Creature Labs. "For a renovation that never happened?"

This rennovation finally happened on February 9, 2008, when Iggdrasil's original author Nina opened a new version of Iggdrasil. Both sites has the same names but iggdrasil.info was adressing to Iggdrasil v2 - a redesigned version working under asp.net v2.5

Sometime during 2009 the original site copy at narod.ru has been hijacked and deleted, no online copy of the old site is available as of now(through i have it stored offline - Nina).

Iggdrasil.info ran out of prepaid time and vent offline, its domain was bought by some scammers and offered for re-sale to its former owner for some fun prices (340 euros as of October 2010).

October 2010 - Iggdrasil.net was bought (currently, for 1 year of prepaid time) and is now an only working version of the site.

Interesting Facts

Iggdrasil and Yggdrasil are other spellings of the World Tree Yggsdrasil.

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