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Though these days she drifts in and out of the community, Insanity Prelude (aka DC, formerly known as DClick) was once a very active member of the old Docking Station Forum, as well as a fanfic writer.

During her periods of interest, she can be found at Creatures Caves or the CC Chat, forever sounding a little bit like a noob despite having been playing these games since the turn of the millennium. :)


  • Got into Creatures at age 9 or 10 when her grandmother gave her a copy of C1 and the Strategies and Secrets guide
  • Has a bachelor's degree in biology, her interest in which was probably sparked by Creatures
  • Wrote a few Creatures fanfics, long since taken down due to being embarrassing (as most things one writes as a preteen are)
  • Has two copies of Creatures Trilogy (lost the first one, only to find it again a few days after the second arrived)
  • Occasionally dabbles in Creatures genetics, but doesn't really know what she's doing
  • Favorite Breeds: Kai Norn, Bruin Norn, Banshee Grendel, Wildkat Norn
  • Rather fond of bulleted lists.