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Jon Reeves (previously Jon deMalo, also thjorska) was a prolific member of for several years until several periods without access to the newsgroup isolated him and he stopped posting. He was a member of the AGC Writers' Guild (for which he wrote Port 5, which remains unfinished), and participated in NationStates for a while until he forgot about it. Most of his Creatures work is still available at his website, Midgard: Tales of Albia, athough he has moved on to other things. He is, however, still interested in the community and has a new project waiting in the wings.

Jon deMalo[]

When he first joined the community, Jon posted under the fictional identity of Jon deMalo, a 27-year-old English teacher, happily married with two children. Despite being both in his mid teens and not that bright at the time, he managed to keep up the pretense until he finally dropped it in a thread called, bluntly, The Truth. The result was neither a gasp of terror nor a condemnation for fibbing, but rather a collection of blank stares and "Hey, whatever. You're still the same guy." The name became a running joke for a while, and has since faded into history.

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