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Norn Breeds and Adoptions[]

  • KnyteTrypper's Hunter Norns: Norns specially bred to hunt and kill grendels
  • Grendel Man's Battle Norns: Violent red norns with a tendency to feel crowded, which makes them even more aggressive.
  • The Set Norns: An ancient, particularly aggressive Norn breed created by Nightrunner. It was considered lost, and appeared in the Museum of Lost Breeds. Now, a single remaining Set Norn has been located, and the breed has been reconstructed.
  • Vanya's Holland Norns: A Bondi Norn-based breed with Zebra Norn appearance genes whose colors change with its lifestages.
  • Grendel Man's Ocean Bondis: An aggressive, aquatic Bondi Norn sub-breed
  • Geohevy's Kopaka Norns: A violent, cold-loving variant of the Dream Norns
  • Kraler Draconians: Version 1.2 of Grendel Man's Draconian Norn variant.
  • Narol's Darkstag Norns: A happy, peaceful norn breed which gets along well with other creatues, and likes to live together in large social groups.
  • KnyteTrypper's Shadow Hunter Norns: Darkly colorful norns which turn invisible when frightened. A genetic cross between Hunter Norns and Marcus K.'s Phantom Norns.
  • Light Magma Norns: This genetic breed by KaelisRa is a blue magma variant which requires light just as regular Magma Norns require heat.
  • Grendel Man's Flame Norns. Bright red norns which need heat to live.
  • Pezhippo's Kawari Norns: Kawari means "change" and reflects the fact that Pezhippo has created a new organ called the Variation Gland, which increases the chance of genetic mutation in Kawari offspring.
  • Grenorns: Bianci Grendels crossed with the Hunter Norn/Phantom Norn crosses.
  • Neogecko's Straussen Norns: A very interesting species. Based on the Hardman Norn genome, this norn breed has extra-sturdy legs and atrophied arms. To make up for this, they use Gaia agents to make them telekinetic, so they can summon food and items much like Gaia does.
  • Lone--Wanderer's Ashura Norns: Hearty, long-lived norns with unique genetic traits, bred especialy for use with Docking Station.
  • Serial Killer Norns: The infamous Quilla and Fiona together in one download. Presented with special cooperation of 254redjack and Blue_Eyed_Alley_Cats.
  • KnyteTrypper's Onyx Chichi Norns: Hunter Norn genetics with Chichi Norn appearance genes.
  • Grendel Man's Waterbender Norns: An aquatic norn breed whose unique appearance is based on the Fimbul Norns.
  • Dippy and Yajoy: sometimes referred to as Grape Norns, a deep purple-colored Norn breed based on one of the standard breeds.

Grendel Breeds and Adoptions[]

Ettin Breeds and Adoptions[]


Ingame CAOS and Key Codes[]

  • Ingame codes to allow a player to perdorm may tasks and manipulate many game parameters. Examples include feeding or medicating creatures, shortening or extending lifespans, aging creatures quickly to breeding age, determining the gender of the creature to be born from an egg, etc.

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  • One of the most extensive lists available of active websites with C3/DS content.