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The Learning Room in Creatures 3 is the area where Norns are taught words of the Handish language (as opposed to bibble). It has one door to the Norn Terrarium, which is the only entrance or exit. It contains a cheese machine and toys for feeding and occuping baby norns during the learning process.

The most impotant part of this metaroom is the learning machine, known in earlier games as the computer. This has six buttons and a display on it:


The Learning Room, with the Learning Machine demonstrating the word "Like"

  • The red button is the power button, and must be on before the machine is used
  • The left and right buttons will cycle to the previous or next word, respectively, and speak it to the norn - the norn will then try to repeat the word to show how well it has learnt it
  • The button with the round arrow on it is the automatic function; turn it on, and the learning machine will cycle through the words, speaking them as it goes
  • The two yellow buttons on the side switch between the two word sets, which don't seem to have any particular organization to them