Learning Machines are very useful gadgets, they teach your Norn to say words properly and they come in many different shapes and styles. In Creatures 1 it was a machine located in the Norn's Burrow and in a briefcase located in the same place, Creatures 2 has a Teaching Machine and a briefcase as well near the Hatchery and below there too, Creatures 3 has one big Learning Machine in a room off of the Norn's Terrarium and Docking Station has one in the jungle part of the Norn Meso. They are a great pastime for Norns and it saves you the trouble of tracking them down every 5 minutes only to find them somewhere they aren't supposed to be. A good tip: Put newly hatched Norns near or in front of a Learning Machine and turn it on so you don't have to worry about misunderstanding a bit of baby babble when they're older! And also the Learning Machine helps your commands if you use it with your Norn!