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If you install Creatures 2 Deluxe or the C2 Life Kit #1, a file called LenThePen.txt will be created in the Creatures 2\Extra folder. It contains a poem:

"I am a pen.
My name is Len.
I have kin in the fen.
My favourite bird is a wren.
My house is number ten.
Magazines? I read "NextGen".
I have a pet hen.
Called Sven.
Some day she will lay an egg...
...but when?
Maybe she doesn't like men?"

It is labelled as:

Work in progress - a communal Cyberlife composition from Toby's whiteboard.
According to Lisa de Araujo- "I think Ben (Simpson) started it off and Masha did "I have kin in the fen" and "Next Gen". "Pet hen" somehow sounds like a Toby-ism, though I'm not 100%. I think Helen did the one about the wren. I vaguely remember being responsible for the last line (being one of only 3 girls in the place), but didn't want to take credit until Masha told me it was mine."