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LilyNorn (now known as Darby Doo) joined the Creatures Community near the end of 2012, after discovering there was in fact a whole active community of Creatures fans. She was first introduced to Albia at a young age when her mum bought Creatures 1 when she was five years old for her and her older siblings. Instantly, she fell in love with the series, although she was absolutely terrified of Grendels and the Graveyard Kit. She stopped playing sometime after her first Norn, Teddy, died, but got back into the series when her little sister showed her that Grendels and graveyards were nothing to be afraid of. Since then, the Creatures series has become one of her favorite things, with Creatures 1 and the Docking Station being her favorite, and she's become quite attached to the community!

Since joining the community, Darby Doo has taken on the role of Staff Member on Creatures Caves, as well as running her own Creatures blog, As Told By Darby Doo. On her blog, Darby often writes stories about her Norns and their adventures. She is a decent Gengineer for both Creatures 1 and Creatures 3/Docking Station, and has created several quite interesting Norns for her world, although she's never made any of her experiments into breeds. She frequently hosts Wolfling Runs, and has been known to dabble in spriting from time to time. In her spare time, Darby enjoys sewing Norndolls, some of which to be sent out into the community.

Aside from Creatures, Darby enjoys reading, cartoons, video games, and drinking loads of tea. Her hobbies include writing, singing, acting, art, and sewing her army of Norndolls.

Project Teddy[]

"Named in honor of my very first Norn, (who was named after my freak obsession with bears when I was little) Teddy, I will be sewing at least 100 Norndolls over the next year. I will post as each one is completed, creating my very own little Norn community. However, a community isn't much fun if you can't share it with friends! So there will be many chances to receive a hand made Norndoll of your very own, completely free of charge. This is my way of saying thanks to all the wonderful people of the Creatures community!"

From February 2 to the end of 2013, LilyNorn will be hand sewing Norndolls (using Don's pattern) and sending them out into the Creatures Community through secret adoptions and surprise giveaways.