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Official instructions from the Gameware article:

  1. Download the package from a mirror
  2. Extract the package: tar xvfj dockingstation_195_64.tar.bz2
  3. Go into the folder: cd dockingstation_195_64
  4. Run ./dstation-install
  5. Then run dockingstation nocheck to play the game

Linux Game Publishing Instructions[]

The file at Linux Game Publishing is a .run file instead of a .tar.bz2 file. So, instead of the instructions above:

  1. Download the package
  2. Run
  3. Then run dockingstation nocheck to play the game

Ubuntu guide[]

Download here.


Libgtk1.2 isn't there[]

This seems to be impossible to FIX,but there is a workaround. Get a installation of WINDOWS Docking station. To solve the problem involving 16-bit colour,install Xephyr,then run it:

Xephyr :1 -ac -screen 800x600x16

Replace the :1 with a :(a number that ISN'T used) if :1 fails. Now in another terminal,run this in the DS directory:

DISPLAY=:1 wine engine.exe

Replacing the :1 with whatever you put instead of the :1 up there.(If you kept it :1,then keep this :1.) I hope this solves the many people's problems who cannot play the game,just because of Debian dropping GTK 1.2.

trap: 119: SIGINT: bad trap[]

When running ./ds_install, you may get the error trap: 119: SIGINT: bad trap. This can mean that either a) you're not root or b) the script couldn't relaunch itself. If you're not root, run sudo ./dstation-install or get the administrator to do it. If the script needed to relaunch, just run it again.

If you're running Ubuntu you have to open a root terminal e.g. "gksudo gnome-terminal" as "sudo su" won't work. You also need to install the package "libgtk1.2".

dirname: missing operand[]

When running dockingstation, you may get the error dirname: missing operand. To fix this, run the commands, each on a seperate line:

export DS_BIN="`whereis dockingstation | awk '{print $2}'`"
sed -i s/11/10/ "`ls -l $DS_BIN | awk '{print $10}'`"

NOTE: You may need to use sudo on the second command, depending on distro and user permissions.

Then run dockingstation as usual.

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