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These are reworked versions of the Civet, Bengal and Bruin breeds to give them a bit more "uniqueness", as the files are labeled. Now, just like the Treehuggers and the Hardmans and the Toxics, these breeds have a bit more individuality to them!

First, the Bruins: As their name and appearance implies, Bruins are based slightly off bears, and now so are their genetics. Bruins are highly omnivorous, they instinctively eat anything from critters to fruits. If you want them to be active, don't leave them in the cold. When encountering an exceptionally cold environment, Bruins will first stuff their faces with any food they can find, then they will lie down and sleep frequently. They are slightly stronger and slightly more aggressive than the average norn.

Bengals: Likewise, since Bengals are based on Tigers, I gave them a similar genome. Bengals are extreme carnivores, fruits will actually make them hungrier. They can still eat plants though, but their main source of nutrients comes from eating critters and bugs. Bengals are also extreme loners. They get crowded around other norns much easier, and they don't get as lonely. They can often satisfy their loneliness more effectively by playing with critters and bugs than with other norns. This makes them rather difficult to breed naturally. They also like to travel frequently, and are more restless. They are considerably more aggressive than the average norn.

Civets: The new Civet genome is based off Lions. Civets are incredibly gregarious creatures. They can't stand to be alone, and get crowded less easily. They are also extreme carnivores, thought not quite as extreme as the Bengals. They are restless and easily bored, but they do not enjoy traveling as much as the average norn. Males get tired more easily than females, so you're likely to see them frequently napping around. They are slightly more aggressive than the average norn.

All three breeds are CFE based and use sprites found in Creatures 3

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