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LiveGMS is an online genetics editor. It offers a simple interface, and the ability to add a watermark to your work as well as save it to your computer, and open genomes from your computer. Compatible with C3/DS genomes only. Feel free to join the development of LiveGMS at its SourceForge page.

An offshoot of LiveGMS is EasyGMS - an easy three-step genetics editor. You can choose a base genome, colour it, choose what sprites it uses, pigment rotation and swap, and modify the lifespan and drive levels. Any genome made in EasyGMS can be tweaked further in LiveGMS.


  • Load and save Creatures 3 .gen files
  • Move, delete and add genes
  • Add a watermark to the genome (crossable up to 5 or 6 times with a non-watermarked creature without any loss of information)
  • Edit headers and bodies of all gene types
  • Compare two genomes (content sensitive)
  • Check genome for mistakes

System requirements[]

  • HTML compatible Browser
  • Intel 500 MHz or equivalent CPU, more than 1000 MHz recommended
  • Internet connection with a downstream of at least 128 KBit/s
  • Javascript and screen resolution of 1024x768 or more recommended
  • Best experience using Mozilla

Development status[]

The latest version of LiveGMS has been released on April 10th 2010.

LiveGMS is "stable" since May 1st 2004.

An additional frontend module called EasyGMS, which is mainly an extended Custom Norn Maker function, is available since August 22nd 2005.


Daniel Mewes

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