The MGON Logo as shown as part of the HomeCreatures header

Media Games Online Network (MGON) were the Swedish parent company behind the large Creatures Community site, HomeCreatures. They were a company who developed contemporary community sites for popular computer and console titles. Because of their position as a specialist company, MGON were able to offer a number of professional services and features, which made HomeCreatures and unique and popular destination.

One of their most popular services was the free hosting of Creatures Community websites as part of HomeCreatures. Before this, most Creatures sites made use of massive free hosting services such as Xoom and Geocities, which offered limited space and could be unreliable. At one time, MGON hosted over 60 Creatures websites.

MGON ran into financial difficulties following the dotcom crash, and their servers (including those Creatures sites they hosted), became unreliable. During this time, a feeling of animosity towards the company developed amongst the community, due to their apparent lack of concern for the situation and the welfare of a large selection of Creatures sites. It was suggested by MGON that HomeCreatures and all its services could become a subscription based website, in order to allow the sites to stay online. However, it was thought this would be an unpopular move, and so HomeCreatures was closed. Interestingly, The Sims Resource ([[1]]) was a partner site to HomeCreatures also developed by MGON and under the supervision of HC webmaster Miff, that took the option of becoming a subscription site. The Sims Resource went on to become extremely popular and successful amongst The Sims gamers.

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