MNB (aka MerNornBoy), the webmaster of Creatures Mainframe, sadly left the Creatures Community in mid-2004 (Sun May 23, 2004 6:26 am to be exact). Some of his achievements during his time with Creatures include the DS Login Disabler, No Norn Pop-up and Photo Fade In Stopper CAOS game updates; and The Tropics metaroom, made with Mandy and Helen, which MNB wishes to remain unavailable following his departure.

As of March 2016, User:Donotreplysamk asserts: "I'm the one who wrote the emails to MNB. K9norn and I thought it would be funny. Didn't expect him to take it like that... Someone even noticed the connection, but never got that far. We sent them from anonymous emails"

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