Malkin is an Australian Creatures 1 player, and occasional COBbler and gengineer. She is the creator of the Purple Mountain Hootch and Ugly Tomato Herb, and although she does not own her own website as such, she can be found around the Gameware Forums, Creatures Caves and occasionally Sine. In addition to moderating the Creatures Wiki, she also moderates Creatures Caves and The Creature Repository.

She has recently begun expanding her agenteering repertoire with the aid of Jagent, creating:

  • Albian Apples - a C12DS addon.
  • Dummy Portal - for all your crowded Chichis
  • Edible, Pushable, Squishable Balloon Bugs - a more interactive balloon bug.
  • Farmer Shee's Fertiliser Stones - a portable fertiliser for your metarooms.
  • Grendel Seed Bank - improves the efficiency of the grendel seed bank.
  • Invisible Speech Bubbles - makes the speech bubbles not appear in photos.
  • Scurvy Fighting Lemon Pod - adding Vitamin C to the native DS lemon.
  • Simple Objects Hit Script Update - Makes simple objects reduce a creature's angst when hit.
  • TP2DS - some of the agents from Terra Pluvialis in the Norn Meso

Did you know? The origin of Malkin's user name is from Sophie Masson's fantasy book "Cold Iron".

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