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The Marine Terrarium (also known as the Aquatic Terrarium) is a large underwater cavern where the Shee kept the various sea-dwelling life forms they created. Along with some colourful sea critters, this scenic terrarium is home to a variety of machines useful for keeping fish populations up and contains a secret door to the Desert Terrarium. Norns and other creatures will drown underwater, unless they are genetically engineered to breathe both in and out of water.


The left side of the Marine Terrarium

Animals in the Marine Terrarium include the Rainbow Sharkling, Handle Fish, Clown Fish, Nudibranch, and many other varieties of fish. Also in the Marine Terrarium are multiple types of sponge and the Gumin Grass.

The Bondi Norns are the only breed of creature native to the Marine Terrarium.

Flora and Fauna[]

Native Critters:

Native Plants: