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1999hair dye

Matthew during his 1999 'black' phase

Matthew 'The Cat' Lawrenson bought Creatures 1 in May 1997. He discovered the following August and was a regular poster for about 15 months joining the Jolly Weeble Pirates Faction as the Ship's Bard. He also ran the websites Ich Bin Ein Norn and NornSounds, of which only the latter was any good. Matthew was also a regular in JRChat, where he made some people laugh and some people cry. He was known under a variety of handles such as 'LeChatPetit' and 'Vast Sea Of Regret'. In 1999, he became a SysOp for Chris Chat until it folded.

After leaving the Creatures Community in September 1999, he remained in contact with several people from agc and the chat room but fell out with nearly every single one with the massive onset of mental illness that started from December 1998. Matthew's out-of-control borderline personality disorder and depression eventually alienated those he considered his best friends (who would be embarrassed were they to be mentioned here. )

Matthew is on record here as being very sorry for any distress caused, and still gets upset when he thinks about it.

Abandoning Creatures and other associated things allowed him to slowly build up his real website "" (now "") and self published 2 issues of a fanzine called "Thoughts & Words" where amongst other things, he wrote about his experiences in the CC and relationships with others there via chat and ICQ.

Matthew still has the same job as in 1999 - his career as a freelance writer has not got to the stage where he is paid for words. He still plays guitar, he still drinks too much. He has been on the anti depressant Dothiepin since November 2000, and has been attending group therapy since July 2002. He is better than he was.

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