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  • Name: MerNorn
  • Home Area: Albia
  • Game: Creatures 2
  • Slot: Norn slot M

The MerNorns were created by:

MerNorns are born just like any other norn, but as they reach adulthood their legs fuse into fish-like tails. In the juvenile life stage they are able to breathe in both air and water with newly-developed gills, but once they become adult (after about 1 hour) they are not able to survive on land. MerNorn eggs should be removed from the water for hatching.

You can get the MerNorns from Wafuru's Adventures in Nornsitting.

On 2nd February 2011 the MerNorns, along with Ghosthande and Tomtschek, were awarded the Bronze Shee Award as voted by the creatures community.

Swimming MerNorns[]

AquaShee made swimming MerNorns (which swim using a COB) at the site Albian Oceans, which, while currently closed, can be found at this archived page.

See also[]

  • Aquanorn - a C3/DS aquatic breed similar in design to the MerNorns.