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Metacore was a well-known but short-lived developing group for Creatures. Started in early May 2004, they started work on a long forgotten project called the Mermaid Caves.


After the first week or so, they had renamed the project Aquatilis Caverna, and had recruited a 3d artist, BloodLuvinGirl. It took her about a month to finish the first two room backgrounds, including a plethora of new critters, plants and toys, and then the rest of the team started work on the coding, mapping, and testing aspects of the project.

Soon a number of new projects sprang up for Metacore, including Don's The Habitat, a new game similar to Creatures -- in 3D, and a new Metaroom called Elysia. Elysia was soon abandoned in favour of other projects such as the Mushroom Caves, the Raccoon Den and various breeds including the Demon Dragonfly Ettins and the Flaris Norns. With a few new critters, plants and toys done, an alpha version of Aquatilis Caverna was released to the members of Metacore. After that alpha, more members were accepted into the fold, and this led to Metacore's downfall. Too many ideas and conflicting opinions slowly caused the projects to grind to a halt and the forums to grow less and less active.

Soon afterward the forums went down, and the Aquatilis Caverna project was thought by some to be beyond hope of completion. This signalled the end of Metacore, and the ex-members still lament the once-enthusiastic group.

Some development has been continued by ex-member Liam, with help from nornagon and Sent. Liam recently released a public beta of Aquatilis Caverna, available here. A new version of the beta was released for the CCSF 2006, as was a "History of Metacore".

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