Mummy's Creatures Forum is a place for the German-speaking Creatures Community to call their home. Probably not the best place to go if you can't speak the language, although if you need to contact a German member of the community it may be one way to get to them . . . and it can be a place to find news that is not posted anywhere else. Most people there can understand at least some English (which is better than most English-speaking people can do for German! ;-), so if you have a message to post, do not feel you have to try to translate - just keep it simple.

Interesting Facts

  • The forum software was a gift from Alien and Michael.
  • On February, 26th, 2014 Toa-Nuva became as a new Administrator.

History of Website

Mummy's Creatures Forum was temporarily on before acquiring a server and software of its own.

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