Creatures Wiki

ElasticMuffin's first (and long-lived) attempt at a Creatures website.

Summary Of Content[]

Standard Creatures content (Norns, COBs, etc), primarily for Creatures 2. Also, one or two stories, a random norn exchange, and a couple unique genomes.

History Of Website[]

  • 1997 - ElasticMuffin received Creatures 1, and, after discovering the Creatures Community, promptly set up a single-page website on a fortunecity account with the help of a friend.
  • 1998-2000 - Site quickly grows. C2 is released, and content changes to focus on Creatures 2 alone (a set of 4 creatures 1 norns is all that remains of C1 content). Frames are added. Site moves twice, and finally settles on Several revamps and color schemes are tried.
  • Early 2001 - One final revamp, using an 'underwater' theme. Several more Norns and COBs added.
  • November 2001 - Site closes down, supposedly for a large revamp that would improve upon all previous incarnations. Unfortunately this improved version is started but never finished.
  • Mid-2002 - Archive of the site posted on ElasticMuffin's new webspace (where it remained for several years).

The slightly-modified, reposted archive of the site now resides at

Interesting Facts[]