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Namoran ettins

Namoran Ettins

Species specifics[]

The Namoran Ettins are a genetic breed created by KnyteTrypper to commemorate the CCSF 2006 release of the Aquatilis Pod and Aquatilis Caverna v.2. The Namoran Ettins are amphibious and should be hardy and long-lived. With just a little bit of instruction they quickly learn how to survive in an aquatic world. They are not prolific breeders until they reach full adulthood, but they will probably not fill up your ship with ettins, even then. Once impregnated, the females experience a normal pregnancy, and their mutation rate is set to minimal. They're just a little feisty, but are more likely to slap each other around than to attack other types of creatures.

Coloration of the Namoran Ettins is fixed throughout their lifetimes, and unlikely to mutate in later generations. They use a mixture of Sea Ettin and Aquanorn sprites, so you'll need to have those breeds to see them correctly. The Water Eggs Agent and the Aquanorn Swimming Agent are necessary for them to function correctly in their environment.

The Namoran Ettins are available at the CCSF website and at KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus.