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The Naven was, in theory, a new species for Creatures, like Norns but "way smarter and they have a lot more fur". Leaked news of this supposed Creature - which was meant to have been retrieved by "hacking into Cyberlife's site" first appeared on by way of a post by NitGold. Unfortunately for the poster, the idea was completely false, as explained at length by LummoxJR on The Norn Underground's Gem Treasury:

"Those of us who retained any common sense whatsoever knew this post to be complete garbage. Obviously Cyberlife wouldn't put up a new species on their Web site unless it was intended for public announcement, and as far as anyone knows, it's impossible to get anything "way smarter" than Norns without changing the game engine around completely."

And, as Toby Simpson said in a response to a response to the post:

>If what he said is true, and Cyberlife actually has created a Naven, . . .
*giggle* If CyberLife ever produce (sic) a creature called a Naven, I'll eat a copy of my book. :-)

After the incident, some members of the community adopted the term as label for annoying trolls in the Creatures Community:

"Naven: This is a term unique to the online Creatures community. It means a person who makes up stories to get attention, lies a lot, or generally acts in an irritating way."

There used to be regular Naven BBQs in

There is a poem about the Naven (nevermore!) at SteerPike's Pandemonium Shadow Show.

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