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This page is about the person, Nish, formerly known as Nornish. For the norn language, see bibble.


Nish's norndolls. Left to right are Freekling, Stitches, Nishette, Rags, and Patches.

Nish (also known as Nishette) is a member of the Creatures Communitywho frequents JRChat. Ever the dabbler, Nish has attempted cobbing for Creatures 1, writing, website running, competition hosting, and genome tweaking (but has yet to find her favorite). She runs the C1 version of I'm A Creature, Get Me Out Of Here! at Albia 2000, and is doing a special one in conjunction with the CCSF. Sometimes she sews norndolls out of socks, and has 4 (pictured at right).

On June 29, 2006 it was announced that Nish (along with Laura of Ask Laura fame) would become a moderator of Albia 2000. She assumed her duties beginning July 17.

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