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The largest room in Docking Station (but nevertheless much smaller than the Ark's Norn Terrarium), the Meso is the living area of the Norns in Docking Station. Its three levels include a temperate forest, an incubator, Muco the egg-layer and a large rainforest section which is home to the bramboo.


The Central Meso

The Meso compacts all the necessities to raise a creature into a small space - the Empathic Vendor vends food according to creatures' needs, several toys such as the Commedia, Musicola and Robot Toy can keep norns occupied, and the Holistic Learning Machine provides creatures with a verbal education.

The Meso's ecology consists of Snotrocks, to keep the number of fatty Tubas in check, the vicious Stingers - wasp-like insects that, if disturbed, can infest the meso with their intrusive nests - and Trappers, that can eat stingers if they get too close (or any other bug, for that matter!).

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