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Summary Of Content[]

Norn with Tourette's was a satirical Creatures blog and file repository created by Starscream, and was also her first ever blog. It included a review of the Hydroponics Bay metaroom, and an ettin tail fix for people who did not own C3 and were having trouble with Atavist Ettins and Plague Ettins showing the wrong tails attached. Its spiritual successor is the Shee Tea Shop Tumblr.


The blog attracted a lot of controversy in August 2010 when it was discovered that Starscream had "stolen" several breeds, and posted them for download. This included several of Amanora's breeds, despite her copyrights page.

When asked by the original author, politely, and with good reason, to have a specific breed removed, the webmaster readily removed the breed; e.g. Rouge Bengal Norn. Other requests which were less polite, or deemed to have insufficient justification for removal, were less graciously received. It is most likely the controversy surrounding the blog led to its eventual closure.