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Nornfamily (also Nornfamilie, My Norn-Family, Meine Norn-Familie) is a program for Creatures that allows you to view statistics on your norn family and various other details about them. Norns are displayed in a family tree. It was created by Elisabeth Witek and distributed as shareware by Cyberlife.

Initially the program will be in German mode - to switch to English, select English from the menu labelled "Sprache". If you have problems actually starting the game, it is most likely that the .OCX file that comes with it needs to be "registered". To do this, go to Start/Run and type this:

regsvr32 "C:\Whatever\CFX32.OCX"

where you replace the "Whatever" with the full path for the folder you extracted the program to - for example, "C:\Program Files\Nornfamily\CFX32.OCX". This path is in the address bar of your Explorer window. You must not leave out the " marks.

Registering the program allows printing of norn names, viewing of more than 7 norns, and viewing norn pictures as a filmstrip, although you may have some trouble getting hold of Elisabeth now . . .

Problems with The Norn Society[]

November, webmaster of The Norn Society, claimed that he recieved a nastygram from Elisabeth about putting up pre-release pictures of a freeware program duplicating its features, NDBase. This led to November closing his site.

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