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OUTS is a CAOS command for outputting strings (OUTput String).


Syntax: OUTS var_or_string_literal(string)

This sends the contents of var_or_string_literal to the output stream as a string. It is most commonly used from the CAOS Command Line, where the default output stream is the console; but it can also be used with FILE OOPE. See output stream for more specifics on where the string will be sent.

If you just want to output a string to the debug log, use DBG: OUTS instead.

Escape Sequences[]

Escape sequences allow strings to display characters that would otherwise be disallowed. Escape sequences begin with a backslash.

  \n   New line. Text that follows will be on a new line.

  \"   Double quote. Allows a double quote to be used in a string literal.

  \\   Backslash. Allows a backslash to be used in a string literal.

It is likely that there are other escape sequences that are not listed here.

Attempting to escape a character that does not require it may cause unexpected results. For example, \a will cause a syntax error, and may have other undocumented significance to CAOS.


Using OUTS and a string literal, print "Hello World!" using the CAOS Command Line:

OUTS "\"Hello World!\""

Using OUTS and the HAND function, print the name of the Hand using the CAOS Command Line:


Using FILE OOPE, append to the journal file "MyFile", write the number of world Ticks (after converting WTIK to a string using VTOS), then close the journal file:

FILE OOPE 0 "MyFile" 1
   OUTS " ticks have passed.\n"

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