The Observation Kit gives you an overview of all the Norns currently in Albia. It gives you up to the minute information on each Norn, including their name, sex, age, pregnancy status and life force, and is a free download for Creatures.

The Observation Kit has two pages:

Details Page

Each Norn has a line of information showing the name, gender, age, pregnancy status (N/A for males), life force (as shown in the status bar for the selected Norn) and a summary of their health. Bear in mind that Norns can be perfectly healthy, yet still close to death! Some germs can act very fast, especially Glycotoxin.

Options Page

This page of the Kit provides options to customise the Observation Kit and set automatic warnings. It is possible to enable a number of warnings that can be issued when certain events occur. Three events can be enabled. The first one allows you to set a warning should a Norn’s life force fall below a specified threshold. The other two apply to female Norns and give you advance warning of pregnancy and impending birth.If the Use a Message Box to signal alert checkbox is checked, alerts appear inside message boxes rather than as icons on the Details page.

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Download the Observation Kit for Creatures(via Internet Archive)

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