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Genetic Breed Orochi Adult


Genetic Breed Orochi Children

Species specifics[]

Genetic Version[]

Grendel Man says this breed was inspired by the Konnichiwa Norns: Orochi, in Japanese mythology, was a terrible monster with 8 heads and 8 tails. It was large enough to span 8 hills, and had an inflamed belly. It was slain by the storm god Susano-Wo.

The Orochi Grendels start out friendly and peaceful, creatures who prefer to play with toys then hit machinery. When childhood comes, however, they go after norns to hit when they are bored. Usually, they do not hit enough to kill the norn. Adolesence brings on an instinct to hit ettins, and the orochi take on a smaller form that resembles what they will look like when adult. It is also the stage killing norns and ettins begins.

At youth, a chemical reaction causes norns to make orochi angry. They hit norns when angry at this stage. Adulthood brings on the final hitting instinct (hit ettins when angry). They are at the most dangerous stage at this point. Fortunatly for norns and ettins, orochi move slow. They walk on all fours their whole lives. They also can breathe under water. Babies also have instincts to go up when cold, and go down when hot. They are to an extent, expressive-although they lack the tired and hurt expressions.They are a nice green color, which they keep their whole lives. They use Zwergbunt Grendel and Banshee Grendel sprites (You cannot get a swollen belly in Creatures, so a body larger than the head, limbs, and tail will have to do!) The Genetic Orochi grendels can be downloaded at KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus.

Funny Fact: the original genetic orochi grendel, Yamato-No, was a terror to norns and ettins alike-until that fathful day he lost a fight with a Guppy Ettin. After he killed the grendel, The ettin was named Susano-Wo in honor of the god who slew the real orochi, and inspired the creation of the Susano Ettins.

Full Breed Version[]

Full Breed Orochi

Grendel Z Orochi

The full breed version occupies Grendel Z. They only have the adult sprites at the moment (This will change once Grendel Man finds out how to recolor Grendel Sprites). They are changed from the original orochi genome in the following ways:

  • They have the remaining facial expressions added.
  • They no longer walk on all fours their whole life.
  • They are now more aggressive towards ettins.
  • The color was removed, but the extra pigment and pigment bleed genes kept.
  • They have a changed diet of critters, bugs, and detritus.
  • They are tougher to kill then the original orochi.

These are currently under development, but should be availible from the Gameware Forums when completed.