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The Owner's Kit is a Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 Applet that allows you to name and describe your norns, and take photos of them. Photos can be saved and sent to your friends, or just kept for old times' sake. When your Norns die, you can choose one of their photos to go onto the headstone. A birth certificate can also be viewed using this applet.

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Creatures Online[]

In Creatures Online, the Owner's Kit lets you see what drives are most important to your norn, like the HoverDoc. Hunger, coldness, hotness, and various emotional states appear as buttons, with the background colour (red, yellow or green) telling you how pressing they are to the norn. It also lets you see that your norn has inherited 8 genes from different breeds of norn, with the colour of the button telling you which breed they are from. It also lets you see your norn's 'history'.