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The Paradox Norns are a genetic breed created for Creatures 3/Docking Station by Marcus K.. They were his first breed, updated in June 2005.

Paradox Norn (Bengal) female
Paradox Norn (Yellowstone) male

Paradox Norns, as the name suggests, are a conundrum - they turn normally useless or dangerous chemicals into useful ones (usually opposite to their normal effect) - some allow them to breathe underwater, others make them more content, stronger, or increase their fertility. However, unlike the Toxic Norns, they do not suffer in environments without toxicity.

The Paradox Norns can be downloaded (translation) from Mummy's Creatures.


Paradox Norns use sprites from the following breeds, which must be installed to display properly:

They are also distinguished by the constant presence of a Banshee Grendel tail, if this breed is installed - if not, they have a standard C3 Grendel tail.

Chemical Reactions[]

The following list describes the chemical reactions present in a purebreed Paradox Norn: