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C3piranha ingame

Piranha (Viscious fiscious)[]


The insatiable Piranha is, without a doubt, the most vicious member of the Jungle Terrarium ecosystem - it eats virtually anything that moves, creature and critter alike! It is a unique fish in that it is capable of surviving in both salt water and fresh water . If not contained in its own pond, an infestation of piranhas can be nearly impossible to exterminate -

C3 Piranha Meal

A group of piranhas enjoys a grisly meal.

and delicate ecosystems like that of the Marine Terrarium may take a very long time to recover.

The piranha pond is located at the far right side of the Jungle Terrarium, with a trap door over it - the piranhas can be put to good use eliminating grendels if one is willing to create a contraption to lure the brutes in.

The piranha is also a real terran fish.

Food web[]

Predators: Prey:
None known Everything!