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Playing Shee is yet another story KC11 is working on. So far she has released the proluge. She has also finished up to chapter 4.


It is the year 2076. Humans have discovered a pool in which several dead norns, ettins, and grendels have been preserved. The diary of a Shee has also been discovered. In the diary of the Shee, a strange, vicious geat is mentioned, and the author of the diary is thought to have been killed by these creatures. The norns, ettins, and grendels were cloned back to life and put in the pet market.

The story shows how the norns, ettins, and grendels are mistreated, sold off to owners without any protection, and are often used for cruel scientific tests.


Abigail: The first cloned norn, an innocent, playful Pippin Norn

Kyle: A Bruin Norn who has had a hard past.

Justina: A red haired, slightly gothic girl who helps the Norns.

Lima: The mother of Justina. She is the rich owner of Abigail and Kyle. She is also rather cruel.

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