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There have been three versions of Pond Weed Grendels. All three versions are amphibious, and use the sprites of the Jungle Grendel.

  • The first version was made by Grendel_Slayer. They start out green with white hair, then go a diffrent shade of green, then finally (in C3) they go grey. Other then that, they are basically normal Grendels that are amphibious. They are available from Creatures DS and Stuff.
  • The second version was made by Grendel Man. They keep the green with white hair coloring all of their lives, in both C3 and DS. Their genome was not based on version 1. They are also friendlier then normal grendels, and the females do not age when an egg is laid. They are currently available from Grendel Man's section in the Norn Adoption Center, and from Creatures @ CU7.
  • The third version, known as the Potamogeton Grendels, were also made by Grendel Man. They prefer areas of high CA 4 (Nutrients), and like to be around plants. They focus their diets primarily on organic matter such as seeds and detritus, as they get less nutrition from food than most creatures. As well as being friendly grendels, they age and breed slower than normal grendels. They should be available from Creatures @ CU7 sometime in the future.