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Power-ups or pick-ups are items in Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 which activate certain parts of the game.

In Creatures 2, the power-ups activate kits such as the science kit and biochemistry kit, and allow selection of Grendels and Ettins.

In Creatures 3, the power-ups activate machinery: the Creator/Injector, the Replicator, the Recycler and the Splicer. They also allow you to select Grendels and Ettins and pick up Creatures.

In both games power-ups are activated by getting a norn to push them.

Many felt that the introduction of power-ups in the series increased the 'adventure' aspect of the games, by forcing players to run around the map and collect objects, while reducing the artificial life aspect. Others simply found it annoying to have to collect things all over again when starting a new world (in C3). For this reason there are a few COBs/agents which activate things for you. (Need names/links.)

JayD made the Pick Up Pick-ups.cos, which is available for download at SeeYou7.Net.