The Ron Norn is a Norn breed that came with Life Kit #1 for C1 and takes up Norn breed slot 6. They are also included in Creatures 2, and have been converted for use in C12DS.

Ron Norns had not been seen in Albia since Earth Year 1995. Ron was the original Norn, and amazingly the genetic code has survived and mutated since the original Ron. As with the Forest Norns, the male and female are different:

  • Male Ron Norns have been around for a while, and have developed advanced "fight or flight" genetic codes, giving them the edge against Grendel attacks.
  • Female Ron Norns have a tendency to get very angry when surprised or frightened.

The original male was named Foxy, and the female was called Vixy.


Steve Grand has a norndoll called Ron, donated to him by Data. This is a reference to the 'original' Norn, also called Ron.

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