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SBRBUILD is a command-line tool made by Paul Margrave that turns SPR sprite files into PCX image files and back again. It was distributed on The Norns Cyber Home - this site is now down, so GreenReaper has provided a backup.


Place the sprite files and/or picture files and SPI files that you wish to convert and type:

SPRBUILD filenametoconvert (eg: SPRBUILD 0ABC.SPR)

For help and options, type:


SPI files[]

To turn a PCX file (a flat picture file) into an SPR file (a file which consists of multiple images), some information is required on the placement of images within the PCX file. This is stored in a simple text file with the same name as the image, but with the extension SPI.

This format of this file is as follows:

  • One line with the number of sprites in the PCX file
  • As many lines as the number above, with the X position, Y position, width and height in pixels as numbers

For example:

0 0 40 45
40 0 36 44
76 0 36 43
56 340 28 19
84 340 16 32
100 340 20 33

If you are editing an existing file then you do not need to create or edit the SPI file unless you are resizing the images, as it will be created when you convert the SPR to PCX.