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A pair of baby Salmon Grendels

The Salmon Grendels are an aquatic breed made by Grendel Man. Grendels who are adolescents or younger don't mind walking around above water. During this part of their lives, they resemble Maraquan/Banshee crosses without any special coloring, with a diet consisting of Detritus, Critters, and Fruit (This diet won't change any). However, when they become youth, they turn slightly red, and then use elevators to find water. Once in the sea, they rarely leave the water, and if they do, they quickly return.

As well as being aquatic, they are also a peaceful race, who rarely get angry. They can reduce their anger by playing with toys, and like to play with toys and machinery instead of hitting gadgets and machinery.

Currently, the Salmon Grendels are available from Grendel Man's section at Creatures @ CU7.