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Script numbers are used in CAOS scripts, both to define what a script does (so the engine can run the relevant script as encessary), and to allow other agents to call specific scripts.

They are used by such commands as SCRP, SCRX, CODE. They differ slightly from message numbers, which are used by commands such as MESG WRIT.

Numbers 0 to 255 are reserved for engine use, although not all of them have events associated with them, and the rest can be used for any purpose.

A few of the more common reserved script numbers from the Creatures Evolution Engine are listed below:

1Activate 1 (Push)
2Activate 2 (Pull)
4Pickup (by something which isn't a vehicle)
5Drop (again, by something which isn't a vehicle)
6Collision (with a room boundary)
9Timer (see TICK)