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Webmaster of The Den and creator of its contents, inlcluding the metaroom which also goes by the name The Den.

Sent has gone by many variation of the name "Sentinal" since his many days of the Creatures Community... Sentinal_, Sentinal, Senty, Sent and Satanal are the most commonly known.

"Basically, I've lost count of how long I've been within the CC. I think I was around 13 when I first joined and I'm now around 18. So it was well before c3 ever came out. I'm now currently working on a project which I call "The Den". This basically includes a series of metarooms that are connected together and a breed called the "Raccoon Norns". This project will basically be completed whenever I decide to not be lazy. ;) Other then that there's not really much to tell, I've been a regular within the CC for a long time with various times when no one has heard from me at all."
"I've also worked on various creatures sites such as Creature Creations and HomeCreatures (although HC never really went through as various problems occured with the Creations and HC merge). I've also helped out with various projects such as Aquatilis Caverna. Now that's basically everything I can think of right now."