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Server.cfg is a small configuration file for Docking Station that locally stores the location, i.e. the IP address and port numbers, of the Docking Station game servers.

Connecting to the new Server[]

Gameware Development currently runs a Docking Station server, which replaces the original Creature Labs server. Players who have only ever connected to the first server will have to follow these instructions in order to allow their game to search for and connect to the new machine:

  1. Make sure Docking Station is closed
  2. Open your Docking Station folder, usually C:\Program Files\Docking Station\
  3. Rename server.cfg to server.cfg2
  4. Run the game as normal
  5. The game will soon find the new server and create a new server.cfg file

    • EDIT: Some users have been having problems with the server.cfg not registering the correct server. To check to see if your server.cfg file is correct, follow these steps:

1. Open the server.cfg file with notepad

2. Make sure the file reads as follows:

"Server 0 FriendlyName" TweedleDee

"Server 0 Host"

"Server 0 ID" 1

"Server 0 Port" 49152

"Server 1 FriendlyName" Virtual

"Server 1 Host"

"Server 1 ID" 11

"Server 1 Port" 49152

"Server 2 FriendlyName" Virtual

"Server 2 Host"

"Server 2 ID" 5

"Server 2 Port" 49152

"Server Count" 3

3. If not, copy and paste that information over the information in your .cfg file. Make sure to delete the extra blank line between each entry otherwise it won't work. The only reason it is present here is for easier reading purposes. Viola! Docking Station should work online as long as you have a working username and password! Credit for this server.cfg fix goes completely to AquaShee, a moderator of Creature Caves.

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