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Sine (officially known as Sine Waves) is a 4-server IRC network created on September 13, 2001. It is operated and populated by many members (and a few non-members) of the Creatures Community, including regulars of JRChat, #agc and #creatures. It currently averages around 20 people online at a time, most of whom idle shamelessly in its main channel, #Lobby.

Participants (past and present) include alanna, Anduin, Apollo, bdonlan, Beth, BringVodka, Carly, Cave, Chani, Ciaran, Clucky, Daan, Data, Don, Dylan, ElasticMuffin, FishFace, fuzzie, Geekgirl, ghrens, GreenReaper, Gryph, Helen, Jcarrcwalk, Jon Reeves, Knux Econa, kyevan, lacota, Laura, Lembamjunior, Liam, Malkin, Mandy, Maxite, Meer, Mike Raiford, Mizgiwir, Moe, Natalie, nornagon, NornGate, NORNGod, NornLover (Todd), Pez, Possum, Raimian, scorp, Sgeo, Shaon, Spook0114, Sorbus, Syrra, vadim, Watson and zareb.

If you would like to visit Sine, you are most welcome. Ask someone in the above list for the address.

Sine Creatures Collective[]

The Sine Creatures Collective is a loose coalition of Siners, founded in late 2005. Their primary project right now is Lifandi, but they also work on various other small projects. Many of these can be found at Eem Labs, the group's website.

Sine is also a trigonometric function implemented in CEE CAOS. See SIN_.