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The Slot Machine is a COB by Brad Fermanich, available at Brf's Creatures Page.

I got the idea for this slot machine while I was in Las Vegas. It dispenses regular cheese, one shot carrots by Mark Boehler and kumquats by Ben "Sparrow" Wright. This slot machine can be pulled or pushed by the hand or a norn. Any norns watching will have their boredom lowered a bit.

Winning combinations are any in which the first two pictures are the same and it will dispense one of that food. If all three are the same it will dispense 3 of that food. Any win will lower any norn within earshot's need for pleasure. Any losing combination will slightly raise their need for pleasure.

It uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 3 4 77
  • 2 6 1
  • 2 6 101
  • 2 6 42

WARNING: The remover included with this cob will remove all one-shot carrots and kumquats along with their scripts. If you use this remover and you have the refrigerator with one-shot carrots you MUST reinstall the refrigerator to use the carrots.