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Spook (originally Spook0114) joined the Creatures Community in November of 2004. He has been a member of most major creatures community forums, including Albia2000, Creatures Caves, and the Gameware Forums. During his formative pre-teen years, he was a rambunctious frequent of JRChat, engaging in many text-based shenanigans. He was also a (somewhat inactive) member of the Evil Council, including some activity on Blackstar Dojo.

Although Spook is no longer an active member of the Creatures Community, he still checks in every so often, and perhaps one day shall return. His absence from the community is primarily due to being busy pursuing an education in the field of industrial design. He is curious to see what the future of the Creatures Community holds with the release of Creatures 4.

During his active period in the Creatures Community, Spook made a few contributions of 3rd party add-ons for Creatures 3 and Docking Station, links to which can be found below.


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