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Spot Norn

Spot Norns are a norn breed made by BonnieShee, Orfeo, and Blue_eyed_alley_catz. They occupy Ettin slot U, which clashes with the Dragonfly Demon Ettins, and their genome is developed from the Chichi Norn genome.

Spot Norns live in large holes, called dens, so they want to go down to find a den for them to live in. They live much longer than most norns, from 6 to 10 hours if treated properly. They have a strange fondness for Grendels, so they have a strong immune system to protect themselves from the bacteria and diseases carried by Grendels. They are energetic and kind towards other norns, but if they get bored, they will hunt down Ettins to entertain themselves. They are vegetarians, only touching critters and bugs to play with them. They seem to have strange feline instincts, perhaps because they are the decendants of the cat-like Siamese Norns.

You can download them here.

After a long wait, blue_eyed_alley_catz finally announced that the Spot Norns were finished, also adding that other projects, such as the Boneyard, Orfeo Norns, and Sky Norns also needed to be finished, and released the sprites for free use on Gameware.